00 Marvel ToonCast ZERO, Pryde of the X-Men

This is an introductory episode of the Marvel ToonCast where Tim and Jeremy will introduce them selves and the format of this podcast.  Do you recall the X-Men pilot episode, “Pryde of the X-Men”?  This was to be the beginning of an animated series in the 80s, but unfortunately it failed to launch. To introduce you to the format of this show, we’ll talk about this one shot episode and the arcade game that it spawned!

If you are a fan of Marvel and cartoons from the past, this is the show for you! Tim is the host of the popular podcast Saturday Morning Rewind where he talks to various actors from your favorite cartoons! Jeremy is the host of The Neverland Podcast where you can relive childhood memories of toys, games, movies, and also keep an eye on the latest movies in the Disney and Geek culture!

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